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In my view, Rule Utilitarianism is not a justifiable approach to responding to volitional choices and behavior. If one should help others because that's the right thing to do — and, fortunately, it also ends up promoting one's own interests, then that's more like utilitarianism, since the promotion of self-interest is a welcome effect but not what, all by itself, justifies one's character or actions.

In this chapter, Mill argues that the ultimate end Utilitatianism case study essay are not in conformity to direct evidence. A law that is good at one point in time may be a bad law at some other point in time.

What is pleasurable for one may not necessarily be pleasurable for another, or having the same pleasure on the same experience would still yield different preferences in certain levels or degrees. All of the interests it would serve support the greater good of society, such as by deterring crime, protecting the general public, and valuing the benefit to deserving recipients of public funds over those who forfeit those rights because of their prior conduct.

Actions are significant as evidence of character, but only have this derivative significance. Note this radical departure from Bentham who held that even malicious pleasure was intrinsically good, and that if nothing instrumentally bad attached to the pleasure, it was wholly good as well.

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Thus, lawmakers have to be sensitive to changing social circumstances. Further, the rules which seem to be a fundamental part of common sense morality are often vague and underdescribed, and applying them will actually require appeal to something theoretically more basic — again, utilitarianism.

Ethics Theories: Utilitarianism Vs. Deontological Ethics

Like Shaftesbury, Francis Hutcheson was very much interested in virtue evaluation. This is true even though there is a good deal of pleasure, and no pain, in the universe of sadists. Thus, in this analysis, theft does not only affect the victim but the whole society as well.

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Commentary In these introductory remarks, Mill sets the stage for his essay. Yet further, absolute interpretations of rules seem highly counter-intuitive, and yet we need some justification for any exceptions — provided, again, by utilitarianism.

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Mill therefore argues that in order to know what morality dictates, it is necessary to know by what standard human actions should be judged. When a student decides to study for an exam rather than go to a party, for example, she is making the best decision even though she is sacrificing short term pleasure.

Mill then addresses the issue of moral instinct, and whether the existence of such an instinct would eliminate the need for determining the foundation of morality.

Say, a law or action of a government is said to conform to the principle of utility if it tends to enhance the happiness of individuals or parties much more than to decrease such happiness.

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The picture which emerges from Hutcheson's discussion is of a division of labor, in which the moral sense causes us to look with favor on actions which benefit others and disfavor those which harm them, while consequentialist reasoning determines a more precise ranking order of practical options in given situations.Let us find you another Case Study on topic Utilitarian for FREE!

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Chapter 1: General Remarks Summary. Mill begins his essay by observing that very little progress has been made toward developing a set of standards by which to judge moral right and wrong. In this case, killing the person would seem to be the most humane and reasonable thing to do, whereas keeping the person alive would be akin to torture; which is also presumed to be a fundamental evil act.

In James Rachels’ essay. Computer Ethics tries to study and analyze the social and ethical impact of technology in society. Computer Ethics in recent years have grown to a major field of studies in universities, conferences, professional organizations, books, journals and research centers/5(7).

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After examining DeGeorge () a utilitarian approach to this case study in handling self-interest is too.

Utilitatianism case study essay
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